Season of Miracles

Early Reviews Are In – Season of Miracles is a Must-See Family Film

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013

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Inspiring Story with Timeless Life Lessons, October 3, 2013

An inspiring family movie with timeless lessons of faith, family and friendship best describe this new movie based on the Rusty Whitener novel of the same name. These fun-loving kids teach us all how to be witnesses of our faith through simply being kind to one another! This story also addresses the issue of bullying today as the kids on the Robins baseball team invite a boy with autism to join their team and find out the lessons he teaches them become enduring ones. This makes a great choice for family movie night, for church youth groups or kids’ Sunday School classes. I highly recommend you get it today!!

Loved it, October 3, 2013

This is a wonderful inspiring family movie! Everyone who was involved in making this come to life did a wonderful job. It is a must see!

Great Family Movie, October 2, 2013

When will Hollywood learn you don’t have to have explosions, sex, or a super hero to make a good movie. All you have to have is a well written story and actors who are sincere in their parts. This is a coming of age movie about a little league baseball team set in the 70′s in Alabama. When the team is ready to start practicing for a new season they notice a boy sitting alone under a tree. This boy changes not only the way they play baseball but also has a profound effect on each of their lives. Two thumbs up for the writer, the cast, and the message!

This Family Film Hits a Home Run, October 2, 2013

What a fabulous film. Great novel that’s been well produced for the big screen. Set in the 1970s, Season of Miracles weaves a story of friendship that develops between little league captain Zack and The Robins’ new secret weapon Rafer, an autistic boy who can hit the fire out of a baseball. The team rallies around him to stop the taunting and bullying from their ravels the Hawks. And in the process, learn a valuable lesson that comes by accepting those who at first may seem a little different, but truly have wonderful gifts they can share with all. Highly recommended for the entire family.

Can a child with Autism ever make it in this world? –  My answer is YES!, October 1, 2013

As a special educator of children with disabilities, I’m asked this question often by parents and others as well. Yes, is always my answer with conviction. This movie is heartwarming as it centers around a child with Autism who leads the local baseball team to victory in the championship game and in the game of life.

Grand Slam Family Film, October 1, 2013

Season of Miracles directed by Dave Moody is a great family film. John Schneider plays a caring coach who encourages his team to play with heart.  And autistic boy Rafer (actor Grayson Russell), teaches the kids valuable lessons that last their entire lifetime.  I was in a theater full of folks who laughed and cried throughout this wonderful story of baseball, life, family, friendship and faith in God.

Great Movie!, October 1, 2013

This film is an inspiring story about faith and touching others in your life. Great for all ages and for baseball fans!

Awesome story, October 1, 2013

You will love the story. It will TOUCH you in a special way. We can all touch someone’s life and make it better…

Family night movie, October 1, 2013

Family friendly movie with great messages throughout. Great story, will make you remember we all touch each other in ways we may never realize.

Family Friendly Film about Faith and Friendships, September 30, 2013

I’ve seen this film during previews (in both small settings as well as large theaters) and it has done extremely well presenting a good family story about faith and friendship. Set in the early 70s, a small town’s boy’s baseball team embrace an autistic player. The discoveries that summer about relationships and the journey these young men go through as their team not only plays ballgames, but also deals with the hardships of life. This film was well received by adults and children. The music is nostalgic and cinematography is beautiful. Great for small and large groups, and will create interesting discussions afterwards about individuals with disabilities, and “Hope.”

Definitely will be deemed a classic., September 24, 2013

People who buy from Amazon and read reviews may know that ever since the beginning of this company I have reviewed books, films and merchandise. Seldom have I ever been so happy to have an opportunity to review a product like this. It is a film that will certainly be deemed a classic. This is a beautiful film that has all the charm and grace associated with the time period and location where it takes place. The deep South in the ’70s. Don’t let the location and decade put you off as Season of Miracles is a film that will appeal to all ages and in all parts of the nation. Especially if you like faith films and enjoy sports of any kind. The sport in this case is little league baseball and whatever you think of the game today, the sweet innocence of what we once considered The American Game is there. I don’t want to be a spoiler, as too often happens with reviewers, however I have to say that redemption is a major theme. There is a great emphasis on that as well as family, justice and love. The topic of autism is also very much involved. The kids are all superb in acting, however I will just mention four adults in particular. Rusty Whitener wrote both the original book and screenplay and in this film proves himself to be a first rate actor. Also excellent jobs are turned in by Nancy Stafford, Sandra Williams Van Natta and John Schneider who may be most familiar for his work in Smallville and Dukes of Hazzard. These four serve as a backbone for the kids involved and add greatly to the film. One further proof I can give is that I have seen the film five times in special screenings. It was as enjoyable the last time as it was the first. I have to add that I last saw it in a special presentation in a jam packed theater and for the first time ever saw a standing ovation at the conclusion of the movie. You will definitely want to buy this. And there is good news that must be added. Rusty Whitener has written a sequel, Season of Mysteries, and this too has the makings of a great motion picture.

Season of Miracles, September 19, 2013

I can’t wait to see the rest of this movie. I read the book which was wonderful. This is a movie you can recommend to families without any reservations. There are many teachable moments in it and some real heart wrenching moments that will move you to tears and laughter. I recommend it for all ages.

A home run for audiences!, September 19, 2013

“Season of Miracles” explores the friendship between an unlikely pair, an autistic boy, Rafer, played by Grayson Russell and the leader of a baseball team, Zack, played by Andrew Wilson Williams, who befriends him. John Schneider plays the coach of the baseball team that includes some unique personalities, including Batman (Austin Vickers); Donnie (Jacob Hunnicutt) and Jimmie (Greyson Turner). Their relationships and life-changing experiences give audiences something to cheer about and to love. Your heart will be touched by “Season of Miracles” and you want to watch it again and again.

Sweet Movie, September 19, 2013

Fun film for the whole family love watching it would recommend it to you and your family. The dog was a really cute. great actors too.

Everyone Has A Gift To Share, September 17, 2013

This film gives a voice to the autistic community as unique as those affected by the impairment. Not everyone communicates the same way, but everyone has a gift to share. Children, especially those who don’t communicate in the traditional sense, should be nurtured and accepted for the talents and gifts they possess. “Season of Miracles” celebrates that. In a time when bullying is such an issue, this film promotes friendship and camaraderie in kids through their love of baseball. Don’t miss this film, both for its entertainment quality and teachable moments.

Something for Everyone, August 31, 2013

Season of Miracles is about life…No matter who watches-whether you are a dad, mom, teenager, kid, or even a grandparent – you will be touched by the story, the heart and the overall theme of the movie. Be sure to buy this one for your collection – it is a keeper!!

Laughing, Crying and Cheering All The Way Home, July 24, 2013

Just watched a pre-release screener of “Season of Miracles” starring John Schneider and Grayson Russell. The autistic boy Rafer touches everyone in this small Alabama town, and the friendship that develops between him and Little League captain Zack is heartwarming and sincere. I found myself laughing one minute, crying the next, and cheering for the underdog Robins all the way home. A wonderful family film for all ages!

A Home Run for the Heart, July 19, 2013

There’s a lot of baseball movies out there but Season of Miracles starring John Schneider as Coach and Grayson Russell as the autistic Rafer really touches the heart. At a recent screening of the film there was plenty of laughter, cheers and tears as the Robins face winning and losing during a memorable miracle season.

Season of Miracles, July 18, 2013

This wonderful movie ties together baseball and working together that touches your heart. John Schneider plays a coach with a heart and helps bring boys together to respect each other and work together. A must see for anyone.