Season of Miracles

Season of Miracles On Christian Soundscan Video Chart

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures’ latest feature film  SEASON OF MIRACLES made its way to the TOP 40 on Nielson Soundscan’s Chart for Christian Videos this week. (here).  The film starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), Grayson Russell (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Talladega Nights), Andrew Wilson Williams, and Nancy Stafford (Baywatch, Matlock) was released last fall in Walmart and other national retailers by Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment (now Cinedigm). “We’re excited to see Christian retailers and their movie fans starting to recognize our film,” says Dave Moody, director and producer of the faith based film written by Rusty Whitener.  “The story of an autistic baseball savant who changes the life of most everyone he meets, is very powerful,” adds Moody, “and the film’s place on the chart shows we’re now reaching our core audience.” SEASON OF MIRACLES is an Official Selection at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, TX and will be screening on Friday, March 14th. The film is currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD at any number of retailers and online stores here. For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures at 615.379.2121, x101.  Or watch the trailer here.  And don’t miss The Making of a Miracle for a look behind the scenes of the film, story and characters as told by the cast and crew.  For more information about Christian Soundscan, visit CMTA....

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Early Reviews Are In – Season of Miracles is a Must-See Family Film

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013

Inspiring Story with Timeless Life Lessons, October 3, 2013 An inspiring family movie with timeless lessons of faith, family and friendship best describe this new movie based on the Rusty Whitener novel of the same name. These fun-loving kids teach us all how to be witnesses of our faith through simply being kind to one another! This story also addresses the issue of bullying today as the kids on the Robins baseball team invite a boy with autism to join their team and find out the lessons he teaches them become enduring ones. This makes a great choice for family movie night, for church youth groups or kids’ Sunday School classes. I highly recommend you get it today!! Loved it, October 3, 2013 This is a wonderful inspiring family movie! Everyone who was involved in making this come to life did a wonderful job. It is a must see! Great Family Movie, October 2, 2013 When will Hollywood learn you don’t have to have explosions, sex, or a super hero to make a good movie. All you have to have is a well written story and actors who are sincere in their parts. This is a coming of age movie about a little league baseball team set in the 70′s in Alabama. When the team is ready to start practicing for a new season they notice a boy sitting alone under a tree. This boy changes not only the way they play baseball but also has a profound effect on each of their lives. Two thumbs up for the writer, the cast, and the message! This Family Film Hits a Home Run, October 2, 2013 What a fabulous film. Great novel that’s been well produced for the big screen. Set in the 1970s, Season of Miracles weaves a story of friendship that develops between little league captain Zack and The Robins’ new secret weapon Rafer, an autistic boy who can hit the fire out of a baseball. The team rallies around him to stop the taunting and bullying from their ravels the Hawks. And in the process, learn a valuable lesson that comes by accepting those who at first may seem a little different, but truly have wonderful gifts they can share with all. Highly recommended for the entire family. Can a child with Autism ever make it in this world? –  My answer is YES!, October 1, 2013 As a special educator of...

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Elevating Entertainment announces Public View and Theater Screening Opportunities

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures has extended its Public View Licensing Program and Theater Screening Co-op Opportunities for their newest feature film SEASON OF MIRACLES, starring John Schneider, Grayson Russell, Andrew Wilson Williams and Nancy Stafford. Wanna screen SEASON OF MIRACLES at your church, camp and school, contact us for more information on our Public View Licensing Program. Own an independent movie theater or chain and want to support quality family entertainment, contact us at 615.379.2121, x101 to discuss screening SEASON OF MIRACLES in your town or city....

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Miracle in the Making Documentary Now Available

Posted by on Sep 1, 2013

A cast and crew look at the story behind Elevating Entertainment’s new film SEASON OF MIRACLES.  Director Dave Moody, writer Rusty Whitener, and others talk about the film along with interviews and footage from John Schneider, Grayson Russell, Andrew Wilson Williams and Sydney Morgan Layne.  “Miracle In The Making” For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures in Nashville, TN.  615.379.2121...

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